Welcome to CPM Cyber Audit.
Our ears are open to all your concerns and reports about dishonest,
fraudulent activities.
You and your information will remain strictly confidential.
We kindly ask that you keep to the 5Ws and 1H rule(who, when where,
what, why & how) of writing


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How you can inform us

E-mail: cpmaudit@corning.com
Telephone: 82(country code)-41-520-1494 (Fax: 82-41-520-1204)
Address: 220, Yongdu-ri, Tangjung-myun, Asan City, South Choongchung Province, Korea 336-841
* You can also report misconducts through CPM homepage.
How we respond to your information
You'll receive either an e-mail or call from us, informing you of the actions taken.
You and your information will remain strictly confidential as well anonymous.